IEMath Applications

The IEMath digital communications platform has been designed to serve in different scenarios:

  • Multi-conference service, via the creation of portals where there are more than two participants. Using the CLEARSEA application, PCs, MACs, tablets and mobile devices using iOS or ANDROID can be connected to video conferencing equipment.
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  • Communications with personal devices. Using the ClearSea platform IEMath members may have personal accounts for video conferencing from their own PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet. If you want your own personal account please fill in the below form.
  • Event Recording and Streaming sessions. Using a system called VIDEOCENTER ( IEMATH users can record live sessions organised by IEMATH. Authorised users are allowed to view these live sessions and also to receive the audio, image and data presentations. They can also ask questions to the speakers participating in the event via online chat.
    Streaming also allows users to access previously recorded content.
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